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5-10 Key Character Traits:
+Curious: Maya’s very origin story stems from her curiosity, and how it juxtaposed with Sophis and the Order’s need for a demure pawn. Where Sophis is condescending toward Maya’s hopes (“The planet of convicts and cannibals?”), Maya is over the moon at the very idea (“Yeah! It sounds incredible!”) Her need to know about her people and the alien culture they stemmed from brings her to Pandora, facing what her former mentors assure her will be certain death (“Maybe if I find this vault, i’ll figure out where the hell sirens came from. Or maybe I’ll prove Brother Harker right and take a bullet to the head five minutes from now).

Interestingly enough, it could be argued that her curiosity is something of a negative trait. After all, her pursuit of a vault nearly gets her killed by Handsome Jack.

+Level-headed (for the most part): Much of Maya’s dialogue emphasizes her need for meditation and focus. Though often these remarks come with the caveat of being bored, it does highlight an important part of her person. She does what she can to find the best/advantages to her situations (trying to tell herself that it’s important to know her enemy, despite the fact that she’s disgusted with impersonating Handsome Jack). Finally, she herself says that she tries her best not to be an angry person (before admitting that she really does want to tear her voicebox out because of Jack). When confronted with powerful enemies, she shouts to the party to stay focused.

Furthermore, in “A Meat Bicycle Built for Two,” after she is ambushed by Rats, and narrowly avoids a buzz-axe to the face, Maya manages to keep her cool and assist Krieg in the fight, saving the psycho with a phaselock.

+Well-read/trained Maya herself admits to the fact that she’s been “locked-up” and trained for all her life in order to combat a growing evil. In fighting enemies, Maya shouts that her training is finally paying off. Additionally, her time on Athenas allowed her to find Patricia Tannis’ research and theories on Eridians.

Upon leveling up, Maya often declares things along the lines of there always being more to learn, and that wisdom is strength. She prioritizes not only the knowledge she gathered growing up, but gleaning more knowledge as her time goes on. As mentioned above, she hopes to spend her money on more books.

+/- Immature/Awkward: Much to the chagrin of Sophis, Maya lacks any amount of grace. When finally introduced to the public, Maya mutters only “Uh, hi,” which quickly nets disdain from Sophis (“Ehm, what she lacks in eloquence, she makes up for in power").

This lack of maturity shows in combat, where Maya seems not to take her enemies seriously. On several occasions, she can be heard snorting and cackling as she kills enemies. When bested in combat, rather than admitting to her weakness, she simply grumbles “Well played, bitch.” Many of her idle quotes consist of muttering about how bored she is or how dull being made to wait happens to be.

-Vengeful: The entirety of Borderlands 2 is a ballad in honor of Maya’s vengeful streak, which started before she even arrived on Pandora. When she discovers that her mentor, Sophis, had been using her (and showed no regrets in doing so), Maya shot him in cold blood. After Jack attempts to kill Maya on the train, she goes on a game-long quest to, you guessed it, murder him.

Maya even admits to her vengeful streak outloud. When she finds the dead body of her friend Salvador’s assassin, she remarks “Someone once said, ‘he who seeks revenge should dig two graves.’ That’s a stupid quote, revenge is awesome.”

-Bloodthirsty: Similar to her immaturity, much of Maya’s combat dialogue centers around being just a little terrifying. When killing enemies that are caught in her phaselock, Maya will shout “that was awesome.” Other kills can result in the abovementioned laughter, or even comments such as “strangely satisfying.” Other golden lines include:
-”You all should be running.”
-”Fear me, bitches.”
-”Stop! Struggling!”

-Cynical: Sophis’s betrayal left a mark on Maya’s psyche. During the course of the Wedding Day Massacre DLC, Maya makes a baby cry by remarking: “Everyone will tell you small lies, except the people you love, who will tell you large ones.” Later, when asked about potential romantic partners, she says: “There was once an older man. He’s dead now, of course.”

Much of her comments with regards to the Abbey are centered around criticizing what they used to tell her.

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